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Hi! My name is Kim and I am the creator of Prep Pack. I currently work as a full time secondary teacher and when  not at the "office" educating 210+ kids, I'm at home being a mom to four young boys and wife to a very loving and supportive husband.  Life is hectic, all the time, but I wouldn't change a thing. My family is the most important thing to me and having as much time with them as possible has always been the main reason why I have wanted to start my own business, working from home. 

Although this last year has posed a few hurdles, I really enjoyed the few months I was able to spend with my family and it made me realize how precious time is with them. When you actually get a moment to stop and take a look, it's then, that you realize how quickly time flies. I have a teenager! I have a two year old! I'm in my 40's! My athletic ability is slowly going into retirement without me! (Truthfully, it hurts just sitting on the floor for five minutes) Blah! When did all this happen?! 


I have always been crafty and organized. As a child, I would spend hours preparing for lemonade stands or an imaginary game of library. As an adult, I can be found decorating cakes for my kids' birthdays or painting our living room window for Christmas. But honestly, if the boys would play library, I would be right beside them! I also love lists. I usually end up making lists for everything and everyone in my family, for all occasions.  Of course, all of this prep and organization doesn't necessarily mean that life won't get messy, but I like to blame the kids for that!

For years I have been brainstorming different ideas for a home business but nothing really struck a chord or the market was already flooded with other smart people with similar ideas. After the unusual year we just had, constantly adjusting our lives to the unknown, this past Christmas it finally came to me!  How can one be better prepared for the unexpected in our day to day lives, on holidays or during important life changing events? Bam! Hello PREP PACK! 

We are a family owned and operated business located in beautiful Langley, BC. Our goal is to create packs that can help anyone be ready for, well, life! 

We hope that we can help make your day or event as easy for you as possible. We want to take some of the stress and worry away so that you have the time to truly enjoy each precious moment.




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